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How To Get Rid of Voles - About Vole Extermination

Everyone's heard of moles but voles? The majority of us are not familiar with the term, let alone associate it with burrowing trails devastating one's landscape. If your lawn, orchard or garden suddenly begins deteriorating, check for evidence. Sometimes called field mice or meadow mice, these tiny guys typically invade a property to secure a regular water source. Suburbia offers a haven to these invasive critters thanks to regular irrigation and lush gardens and lawns.

Meadow mice have the capacity to multiply into a colony in no time. Females may have as many as 70 offspring each year due to numerous litters. Colonies commonly grow into the hundreds and even thousands. Time is of the essence if you suspect a vole issue in your neighborhood.

Vole Evidence

The following evidence is commonly seen at the sight of the crime. Inspect your property and keep your eyes peeled for the following:

  • Eaten shrubs, flowers, bulbs.
  • Tiny ground holes the size of a broom handle.
  • Trails running through your lawn and grass; causing your yard to resemble an ugly patchwork quilt. These trails are more noticeable during the spring melt.
  • Greenish droppings, similar to mouse droppings. Older droppings eventually turn grey colored.
  • Similar destruction throughout neighboring properties.

How Do I Get Rid of Voles - Vole Removal Methods

You can spend your money on vole traps; however, this is not a practical solution for large populations. Vole colonies tend to be massive. With their abundant reproduction skills, it does not take time for a large infestation to occur. There are numerous methods on the market; however, using vole poison offers the quickest and most comprehensive results.

Vole Poison

For personal safety and environmental reasons, a pesticide licence is needed in order to purchase vole poison. As such, this chemical cocktail is not available at your local store or to the general public. If you are using this most reliable route, be prepared to hire some expert professionals at an affordable price.

Barriers and Fencing

Due to their tendency to eat vegetation, often down to the roots, voles are commonly first noticed in the garden. Fencing and barriers can be strategically placed to keep them out of your precious vegetable and flower beds.

Protective Measures

Some companies carry additional products designed to protect young trees and some of your favorite landscaping from voles. This technique is popular for orchards and those who rely on their crops.

Why Hire Professionals?

Experienced vole operators can adequately assess your situation and take immediate action. They have the means to quickly and efficiently eradicate your vole population by safely applying approved and regulated pesticides. Expertise can make quick work of this huge problem. Check to ensure that clean-up and sanitizing details are presented within your quote. Keep your pets and children safe by having the professionals treat your vole infestation.

Any rodents may be harbinger's of disease. Having these populations share your home can drastically affect the overall health of your house and the individuals living there. Walk the perimeter of your property with your exterminator to learn how to minimize future infestations. Unknowingly, you may be inviting these guests if you have dog food, livestock grains or firewood being stored in close proximity to your home.

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