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How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid of Voles?

Picture of a Lawn Mole

Discovering you have a vole problem can finally answer the mystery as to why your landscaping, trees and grass is deteriorating so rapidly. Also commonly called "meadow mice," voles specialize in covert operations. Staying out of sight is one of their main objectives.

24 Hour Activity

Due to their burrowing tendencies, voles can wreak total destruction in a short amount of time. These critters do not prefer open tunnels; which additionally helps them to keep their activity on the down low. Not maintaining a visual means that you have no idea what is happening deep down. Vole populations can be active night and day, unbeknownst to their property owners.

Habitat Modification Methods

Keeping your grassy areas and underbrush locations neatly trimmed will help deter vole populations from moving in. Remove tall ground covers and weeds. Pick up grass piles and leaf piles within a short time period of creating them. Low hanging branches need to be trimmed to make the habitat less appealing.

Protect Remaining Trees

Consider protecting your trees from hardware cloth or 1/4" wire screen mesh. Wrap the barrier method around the base of the trunk and bury approximately 1 foot. In warmer climates, aim to have the protection reach a minimum of 18 inches high; those in cooler areas need to ensure their barrier will remain higher than the expected snow depth.

Cultivate Your Soil

Churning up the soil in your yard or garden will destroy the voles complex tunnel system. Pests may become destroyed overnight. Add some gravel or sharp soil materials such as Soil Perfector or Permatill into the ground to make future tunneling more difficult.

Eliminating Food Sources

Voles thrive on tree fruits, needles and tree nuts. They particularly adore apples. If your property has numerous evergreen needles to rake or fruit trees, take care of fallen debris before the voles decide to feast. Outdoor pet food, bird feeders and compost piles should be enclosed if possible or located far away from potential entry points within your home.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid of Voles?

Typically once you realize there is a vole concern in your neighborhood, it is out of hand. The colonies of these tiny vermin can number well into the thousands. In order to amend the issue once and for all, professional vole pest control services may need to be enlisted.

Your initial call will yield a home inspection and evaluation. This typically runs $150-$250. Location is a factor to take into consideration. Once the inspection is complete, you will receive a detailed quote. Expect to pay around $350 for 2 exterior bait stations. Some places charge per home visit and other companies include 2 or more visits in your contract. Read the fine print.

If you are on good terms with your neighbors, you may wish to discuss splitting the quote. Check with your property insurance as some policies include clean up and pest removal. Having photos and as much information possible in regards to your vole infestation will help ensure that this problem is taken care of efficiently and quickly!

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