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Important: If you have a raccoon in the attic, leave it alone until a licensed raccoon exterminator has arrived. A protective mother raccoon that has decided to shelter her litter of baby raccoons in the attic is especially dangerous. Exercise caution even with a raccoon in an outside building or a raccoon under deck or porch areas. Trapping and getting rid of raccoons is a dangerous task and should not be handled by an inexperienced raccoon catcher.

How to Get Rid Of Raccoons

According to experts in animal control raccoon overpopulation is getting worse. Concerns over public health and safety are growing with record numbers of raccoons in the city and rural areas carrying transmittable diseases harmful to pets and humans. Animal control services that trap and then kill raccoons have received heavy criticism in the past. Alternative approaches other than killing raccoons may be depicted as more humane, but are leading to escalating problems with raccoon infestation. Their growing numbers cannot be sustained in a healthy environment for people and other wildlife. They are very savvy wild animals and many professionals in wildlife control are supportive of raccoon extermination.

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DIY efforts to get rid of raccoon problems often fail because how to get rid of a raccoon is not synonymous with how to trap a raccoon. The bottom line objective is successful raccoon elimination. Consult with a professional raccoon pest control service that guarantees permanent solutions to remove raccoons . The average price for professional raccoon removal, from the original inspection visit to trapping a raccoon and removing it, is typically $350 to $650. This may fluctuate depending on how many raccoons there are to remove. Any reputation of being just an innocent nuisance is incorrect about raccoons.

Minimizing destruction caused by this masked bandit has led to seriously insufficient raccoon control. Improperly dealing with persistent problems with raccoons eating garbage has resulted in an unprecedented number of pest raccoon causing serious property damage. Don't wait until your raccoon problem translates to property damage or danger to people and pets before consulting with a professional raccoon removal service.

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