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Have a Squirrel Problem? How to Get Rid of Squirrels

The shorter days and cooler temperatures mean that if you have squirrels in the neighborhood, they are plotting on becoming your roommates for the winter. Perhaps you have already heard the thumping scamper overhead. Invading attic spaces is just one of their common entry points. If securing your home from these invasive rodents is your goal, there are a few different avenues you can explore.

Why Should I Evict Them...They're Cute!

Besides all the noise you can't help but overhear with stashing nuts; squirrels can surprise you and come tumbling down your chimney! This is a much better scenario than one falling from the attic and becoming stuck in between the walls. Fire safety is an additional concern due to squirrels' tendencies to bring nesting material from the outdoors in. Frequent chewing can transform a tiny hole into a gaping access point for all extended family members. Electrical damage is also unfortunately common.

How to Get Rid of Squirrels - Squirrel Removal Methods

The first part of this equation is to determine where these critters are entering your home. Gable vents in attics are a likely probability. Inspect every inch of your perimeter for any holes or gaps that are as tiny as one inch. Have a bag of steel wool or mesh on hand and plug these crevices and problem areas as you discover them. Not being able to sink their teeth into the steel mesh, squirrels lose interest in their prior entry and exit points.

Once the main entry point is determined, place a one-way door trap or a repeater trap completely on top of he main hole. Be sure to check your trap often and promptly relocate any squirrels. Be willing to travel quite far to prevent re-entry to your property.

Hopefully, these steps will bring you peace of mind and peace and quiet. If however, you still hear scampering feet and activity, you know that you have more entry points than you figured on your hands.

Humane High Intensity Strobe Light

Some people swear by using the annoying power of a 175,000 candle power strobe light to deter their pests. Apparently, these lights are ideal for crawl spaces and attics. They are capable of being strategically hung with a hook and chain feature. If you want to urge your rodent population to "Please, pack up and leave on their own," this might an option. If however, you are losing sleep from scurrying feet and lost your peace of mind, you may want to call in the big boys.

Professional Pest Control Removal Services

It's all groovy if you think clapping your hands loudly will make these vermin sit up and politely exit single file; however, this almost never happens! Your attic is now full of debris, squirrel urine, food stashes and about bad Chi! Hiring an experienced professional can ensure this matter is dealt with safely and effectively. Skip having a bunch of hardware store poisons around your pets and kids because you wanted to donate your weekend and save a few bucks. You want someone who knows the drill; who will handle the entire clean up and potential disposal or re-release. Most importantly, to ensure you and your family's health, an experienced professional will include disinfecting in their quote. Bacteria need to be destroyed so that you can breathe and sleep better. Isn't it time you decided to reclaim your personal space?

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