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How To Get Rid of Mice - About Mice Extermination

A person's home is typically the greatest investment they'll ever make, so the conditions within should always be pristine. Unfortunately, mice and other rodents also enjoy the quaint clean nature of your home. This is especially true in the winter months when the cold drives these pests to seek warmer shelter. Getting rid of mice is a particularly challenging task, because they reproduce at an alarming rate. Leaving just a few of these pests alive in your home, and their numbers will grow exponentially.

Mice: If You See One...

Mice have a very low gestation period, even for a rodent. They remain pregnant for only about three weeks which is 25% faster than rabbits. This contributes to the old adage that if you see one, you've probably got one hundred. The truth is, a few mice can become a colony faster than most people anticipate, so it's better to be proactive than reactive. You're far more likely to see signs of mice before seeing an actual mouse. These creatures have keen senses and they prefer to avoid people altogether. Tiny brown pellets found beneath the sink and in cabinets are telltale signs of mice, while larger droppings indicate rats. Mice are also capable of chewing through virtually anything organic, so holes in doors and walls are also common signs. You may also notice gnaw marks on plants within your home, as mice are predominantly vegetarian. You may even hear the tiny rodents moving behind the walls or scurrying in the attic. In this case, it's probably best to turn to a professional, because there may be multiple colonies of mice to exterminate.

DIY Solutions for Mice

One natural way to deal with mice is by getting a cat. A house cat is one of the world's most prolific hunters, and they can sometimes detour mice from entering the home. Cats can prevent your home from being overrun by mice, but they're not the solution for an infestation. Another way to deal with mice is by placing poisoned bait anywhere you find their droppings. This is a cleaner, more effective alternative to traditional mouse traps. Even glue traps are more effective than traditional traps, because they don't misfire. Glue traps are also less likely to injure a pet or a child. Little ones wandering to the bathroom at night can accidentally step on a mouse trap and injure a toe. A curious pet can also hurt his or her nose on the trap.

When all Else Fails

The only sure way to deal with a mouse infestation is by hiring a professional. There are a number of different solutions at their disposal and many of them guarantee their work. In order to truly be rid of the pests, you must also eliminate their points of entry. It won't take long before more mice find their way into your home. A professional exterminator will examine your individual situation and devise a custom plan of action. This is especially important if you have an attic or basement in your home. These seldomly used areas are the ideal breeding and living grounds for mice and other pests.

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