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How To Get Rid of Ants - Ant Extermination

Ant problems are a nuisance and where there are a few, there are really many. Ants can pose costly threats to homes, businesses, and gardens. They can be exploitive little insects known for food contamination, damage to outdoor gardens, and serious structural damage to a variety of structures. Ants are extremely organized and adaptive in their pursuit to build and sustain the colony. When they successfully locate a food source or hospitable environment pheromone scented pathways lead the way for others.

Knowing what species of ant is present is critical in order to determine the likely nesting site, food preference, and the best method of management. Successfully eliminating an ant population depends on whether you successfully kill or relocate the queen within the nest. A few of the most common trouble making species that invade and infest rural areas include carpenter ants, sugar ants, argentine ants, odorous house ants, red ants and field ants.

What To Know About Getting Rid Of Ants

Beware of common misconceptions involving the safety and effectiveness of do it yourself ant control. Many sources suggest independent ant removal methods. Addressing an ant infestation, if not done properly, can be dangerous to people (especially children) and pets.

The most popular over the counter products and what to keep in mind:

  • Ant Baits for Indoor Use - These are only effective if you have correctly identified the type of ant, which dictates the type of ant bait required. These often fail because you rely on the hope that the ants take the bait back to the colony. Seeing fewer ants for time does not indicate they are eradicated.
  • Insecticides for Outdoor Use - Outdoor nests can be very difficult to eliminate and require the use of harsh chemicals (i.e. Borax.). As mentioned earlier, this is not ideal for serious safety reasons. Just 1/2 tsp. of Borax can kill a child or pet, and may be damaging to the environment or water supply. Don't take for granted that many of the professional insecticides, baits and traps, aerosols, dusts, granules, etc. were once were not available to the general public.

What To Know About Professional Pest Control Service

This will vary by type and magnitude of a pest problem. Professional vendors typically determine the best plan for successful extermination and service costs according to some of the following basic variables:

  • Location of the affected property
  • Square footage of the home or business
  • Foundation type and composition (i.e. siding, brick, etc.) of the affected structure
  • The number of required treatments.
  • Annual services prices average from $300-$600
  • Quarterly service plans- typically on average entail an initial service fee $75-$200 and then $75-$100 for each subsequent service.
  • The average one time visit can range from $125-$250 and should come with a guarantee of some sort.

Regardless of the size of your pest problem, you can save the time, frustration, and other serious problems that can arise from taking matters into your own hands.

Pest control technicians are educated and trained to quickly identify the type of ant problem you have and the best way to effectively eliminate the infestation.

Pest control services often offer guarantees on pest elimination and customer satisfaction. Meaning, if the ants should return, so does your professional service.

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