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Have a Termite Problem?

Important: Most people don't ever see the termites in home common areas. If you do actually see termites DO NOT disturb the area where you found them. You will cause the termite problem in that location to scatter and reorganize in another. Promptly schedule an appointment with experts experienced in safe control of termites.

Control termite infestations immediately and protect the structural integrity of your home or business with professional pest control for termites. Find the best termite control service to perform thorough termite inspections and for getting rid of termites fast. Even on suspicion alone that you have termites in walls or anywhere else, don't delay. Schedule a termite inspection immediately. Top termite exterminators are equipped with the best tools and know how to kill termites of any kind ( e.g. subterranean termites, dry wood termites, flying termites, etc.)

Compare Termite Control Services Cost

Termite treatment price is subject to the level of infestation and the type of termite treatments used. Get quick responses from more than one specialized pest termite control company you can trust to kill termites and keep them out for good. Expect termite treatment options to include chemical or heat termite extermination methods, termite bait, lethal gas termite fumigation (e.g. termite tenting, heat extermination techniques, and electro-gun or microwave system treatments. More termite control companies are now offering progressive termite treatment methods such as non toxic termite control and organic termite control.

Signs of Termites

Pros in termites pest control recommend property owners schedule a termites inspection every year. Unfortunately, a termite infestation is often first discovered when termites in wood and wood based products have already left moderate to severe damage. Early termite detection will save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in potential termite damage. Be aware of the following signs of termite damage.

  • Obvious termites damage - Excavated or hollowed out objects (e.g. if you touch or push on the wood/wood-based surfaces and it caves in or crumbles)
  • Termites outside - Near a disturbed termite colony or newly started termite nest you may see a swarming termites. It is common to find termites in trees and wood piles, or even termites in mulch near the property.
  • Paint that is buckling, tiny holes in wooden surfaces, or termites in furniture.
  • Visible mud-like material formed in irregular lines nearby or within wood or wood based objects.

Get Rid of Termites

Anything you need to know about termites (a.k.a. white ants) you want to learn from a professional in termites control. If you are lucky the only termite management measures you will ever need are to prevent termites. A staggering 2,000,000 households, this year alone, will have costly damage from termites in the house or outside buildings.

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