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How to Get Rid of a Black Ant Infestation

Black ants are among one of the most common household pests, cropping up in households nationwide. Once they get into a home, they can be incredibly difficult to remove, and can get into food left unattended, including dishes in the sink and boxes in cabinets. While tricky to get rid of, black ants can be removed from the home in a few different ways, including home remedies, a store-bought trap, or by a professional exterminator.

If you have a relatively small ant problem, you may want to try home remedies or a store-bought trap. A few common tips and tricks to get rid of ants include:

sugar and Borax Ant Trap
  • Sugar traps. Conventional wisdom is to use sugar or a sugary food, like syrup, to draw the ants in, and to mix that food with Borax. Ants will carry the food back to their den, poisoning them, and they will die. It is worth noting that Borax can be a dangerous chemical, so if you have pets or children, be very careful not to put the food where they can reach it.
  • Use lemon juice, chalk powder, or flour to drive the ants out of your kitchen. The idea is that ants do not like these solutions, and will avoid the area. The problem with these solutions is they tend to be temporary. Ants will often find a way around the trap, and some ants are not deterred by these substances.
  • Buy a trap. Traditional ant traps work through a poison bait and trap idea, much like the sugar trap. Ants will take the poison back to their dens, and eventually it will kill them. These traps can end up having a number of unintended consequences, especially for those with children or curious pets, and they often take a long time to work.

The reason for the problem with common ant remedies is there are a number of types of ants, and each one responds differently to different stimuli. Some ants are also likely to find a safe place in your walls or cabinets, meaning they can emerge after the traps are gone or the bait has run out.

An exterminator is the best choice you have for large ant infestations, unknown types of ants, or a reoccurring problem. They are specially trained to find, identify, and eliminate pests from your home. If you have an infestation that cannot be controlled by regular or conventional means, consider getting a free, no-obligation quote from an exterminator in your area today, and get back on the path to a pest-free home.

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