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What Kind of Damage Do Termites Cause?

There are several species of termites that can cause damage to your home. Thus, if you have been asking the question, "What kind of damage do termites cause?", it is important to identify the specific species of insect that you're dealing with. It is important to note, however, that whether you have subterranean, drywood or dampwood termites on your property, the related costs can be exorbitant. These colonies feed on wood and wood structures non-stop. Their constant foraging can create tens of thousands of dollars in property harm within just a matter of months. These bugs can diminish the structural integrity, aesthetic appeal and overall value of your home in a very nominal amount of time.

Damages Caused By Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites typically access building materials through features that have direct wood to ground contact, such as patios, porches, decks or other wooden structures. These bugs live in loose, warm soils around homes and while you might not find signs of their existence inside of the home early on, you can be sure that if they are present, they are busy at work. The initial signs of property harm can look at lot like water damage. You might find buckling or warped wood in your basement along with swollen floors and ceilings. These insects can also leave visible mazes within wood surfaces including on wood furnishings.

Drywood And Dampwood Termites

All species of termites have specific requirements for moisture. Drywood termites are most prevalent in hot, arid regions given that they like to feast on dry wood. Dampwood termite prefer moist, humid spaces, however, both species leave tell-tale signs that are fairly similar. They burrow deep into wood surfaces and set up their colonies there. This burrowing activity weakens wood and leaves visible lines and ridges as evidence of their activity. Wood structures can become weak and crumbly and is often possible to break severely damaged pieces of wood off by hand. Cracks in wood veneer and maze-like burrows can will be visible as well.

The Health Effects Of Termites In The Home

These bugs also leave behind a wealth of airborne debris that can have a significant impact on home occupants. When termites swarm, they often lose their wings and thus, small, silvery wings that look similar to tiny fish scales can usually be found in or around the property. Termites also leave large, visible mounds of fecal matter, whether in their underground burrows or at the base of their hideouts on the property interior. These and other forms of termite debris can negatively impact the indoor air and wreak havoc on those with chronic respiratory conditions. Thus, not only do termites cause considerable and rapid damages to properties, but they can also have an adverse effect on human health.

Treating Termites

As with all other insect infestations, successful termite treatments require homeowners to successfully break the breeding cycles of these insects by killing all generations of bugs at one time. Unfortunately, this is not something that many store-bought treatments are able to accomplish. This is true whether homeowners are attempting to install underground barriers, establish baiting systems or use termiticide sprays. More importantly, any delay in implementing an effective treatment can result in an exponential increase in termite populations and the resulting property damages. This is especially true when signs of termite swarming are present, given that termite swarmers are the colony breeders and their activities signify the birth of new colonies. Pest control professionals can implement strategic, multi-pronged plans for eradicating these bugs that are capable of producing optimal results within the most minimal amount of time.

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