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How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid of Squirrels?

Squirrel Damage in Siding

Have you ever heard the pitter-patter of little feet in your ceiling or coming from within your walls? It can be quite startling and strange the first time you become aware. The worst part is when you ask your spouse or family members if they heard anything and their only reply is a blank stare. You are not imagining things! Critters of all shapes and sizes seek refuge in warm, sheltered locations; particularly if there is an endless supply of food or water around.

Trust Your Gut

If your dog food kibble is disappearing faster than Fido eats may have some sneaky squirrels on your hands. Even if no one else believes you or hears it themselves; investigation is important. You want to get to the bottom of things prior to extensive damage occurring to your property. Calling in a professional nuisance wildlife company can save you copious amounts of time, energy and cash.

Squirrel Pest Control Prices

Of course prices range depending on the severity of the situation. There are some key factors to keep in mind when sourcing out a reputable company to rid you of your squirrel family. Firstly, squirrel control is a unique type of work. It comes with in depth training, liability risks, special licensing and experienced professionals. Therefore, you get what you pay for. A proper squirrel control situation can run in the range of $250-$450. Remember though, no two squirrel jobs are ever the same. Arrange to have someone inspect your property and provide a quote.

Researching Your Options

Understand that any reputable pest control company will have spent money on typical business expenses including liability insurance and licensing fees. You are looking for professionals with a solid reputation. After all, you wouldn't invite just anyone into your home. Besides, if the initial attempt does not resolve your squirrel quandary, you will have to pay someone else more money down the road. Save yourself a truckload of stress and do it right the first time.

Squirrel Health Hazards

Squirrels have a reputation for carrying rabies and infecting humans; however, rodents are not the highest risk mammals for carrying this disease. If a person accidentally ate infected squirrel meat (or brains), they could potentially become sick. However, documented cases of rabid squirrels biting people are not abundant. You are at higher risk for contracting the Plague from the fleas they carry or Lyme disease from the ticks. Yup, that nasty population changer that happened in the Middle Ages! Thankfully, we have adequate medicine today for many of these issues; however, Lyme Disease is known for causing lifelong turmoil.

The Professional Touch...Worth Every Penny

By all means, if you want to crawl around in urine and fecal matter and embrace the necessary clean up after your eviction, go for it! Prepare for safely removing the insulation, underlay, and possibly some of your 2x4 framing if necessary. Wear gloves and a mask to prevent catching salmonella from their biological waste. If this sounds exhausting and're right! Why not call in a reputable pest control expert to relieve you of your squirrel burdens once and for all? From a safety standpoint alone; it makes more sense to hire people who specialize as opposed to trying to "wing it" on your own...don't you think?!

Find Local Squirrel Control Companies Now!