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How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid of Mice?

Discovering you have a mouse infestation can be devastating. Determining that your personal space has been invaded and finding a trail of fecal matter pellets can turn anyone's stomach; especially when you see droppings in the kitchen where you prepare food or within your sleeping quarters. The cooler temperatures of fall cause these outdoor populations to suddenly seek shelter. Autumn is a popular time for exterminators when dealing with rodents.

DIY Mouse Removal Methods

Perhaps you have a package of traps sitting in the garage for such an occasion. If not, any home improvement hardware store will carry mouse traps. The traditional traps you remember from the cartoons of your youth run approximately $2 to $10 each; although, bulk packages are often available. There are more complex mechanical trap version options as well; however, they will run approximately $20-$50 each as they are more elaborate models.

Poison-free sticky feet mouse traps are another option if you prefer catch and release methods. These one-time use traps run $2 to $3 a piece. DIY bucket traps and live trap cages are another option; however, be sure to relocate the rodents somewhere far away from your property if you choose that route.

Eliminate Entry Points

Identify entry points within home. Check how big your interior plumbing holes are underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Try stuffing some steel wool into the gap to make chewing and subsequent entry difficult to impossible. Check your fuse box as this is often another drafty, gap filled location in your home. Anywhere an external wire or pipe enters your home can become a highway for mice. Expanding spray foam can help insulate you from these disease carrying pests.

Keep Firewood Away From Your House Of course it is oh, so convenient to simply step outside and grab your next bundle of firewood. Stacking your winter or yearly supply in close proximity to your home is like

putting a welcome sign to rodents on your home. This warm, dry space beckons everyone to move in and store their food supply.

Clean Your BBQ Regularly

Leaving blackened bits of sugary BBQ sauce all over your grill is a recipe for disaster. Mice love to nibble and any scraps of food can be quickly turned into a full meal. Scrub your grill after each cooking session and use your BBQ cover to keep everything protected.

How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid of Mice?

Of course, if the aforementioned methods do not rid you of your rodent issues, you may be wondering how much does it cost to get rid of mice - hiring mice exterminators is often the only logical option to eliminate your problem. These professionals know what signs to look for and have the proper traps and poisons available at their disposal. Licensed exterminators have undergone rigorous training to make sure their clients and their client's children and pets remain safe during the extermination process. Expect to pay $90 to $250 for your initial examination in order to determine what kind of mouse damage you are dealing with. The critter will be identified and potential entry points will be set with the proper traps.

The total price varies to how many rodents you are dealing with. Most reputable companies will offer a written quote detailing the amount of damage, repairs required and subsequent cleanup. Check to ensure that disinfecting the area is included as the last step. This total can range from $200 up to $2000 and even more if the infestation is broad. Bait stations will be set up in high traffic areas. On average, most residential customers pay approximately $300-$600. Call some reputable companies to receive a quote. Alternatively, ask family, friends and coworkers for recommendations.

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