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How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid of Moles?

A Garden Mole

There are various companies that are specialized in providing efficient mole control services. Mole control costs do vary from company to company. Typically, the cost of mole control charged by most companies does depend on various factors. Some of these factors include the size of the property, number of moles in an area, and also the difficulty of the terrain. The total estimated costs for mole control can cost $50-$500 or higher.

Mole control companies use technical skills combined with the use various methods to kill moles. The commonly used and trusted methods include the use of powered traps and poison baits. Some other methods include gassing (use of underground exterminators), hole flooding, and many others. Mole control requires the services of skilled and experienced personnel. This is because sometimes it is hard to determine the tunnels that are created by moles and those created by gophers. Mole tunnels are volcano-shaped, and materials are often expelled from a central point. A professional from Mole Control Company carries a full inspection of the area to ensure that there is a presence of moles and not other burrowing animals before catching them. It is, therefore, essential to contact a specialized mole control company for large scale mole control. You can connect with one of your trusted mole control company and get a free price quote.

Most of the landowners have resorted to DIY mole control solutions. These solutions include the use of shovels, spraying with repellents that result in burning and itching, use of castor oil and garlic among others. However, most of these methods are not ideal for large-scale mole control. Ideally mole control can be very challenging especially during the winter season. This is the time moles are very active. It is, therefore, vital to contact an experienced mole control company for reliable results.

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