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How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid of Chipmunks?

Chipmunk Removal with Gloves

If you have personally witnessed a chipmunk infestation, you comprehend the mass destruction these adorable little beasts are capable of. Many who have suffered from extensive interior and exterior property damage have other choice descriptions for these rodents including: "Burrowing Buggers."

Chipmunk infestations are particularly horrendous due to the numbers they are capable of achieving. At first sign of a chipmunk in your vicinity, take action. Time is not your friend here as these little dudes multiply fast. The longer you wait, the more expensive your pest control bill will be.

Chipmunk Pest Control Prices

Remember, similar to most contractors, you will pay more for emergency and after hours calls. Initial calls may range from $130 for an initial inspection and trap set up but that cost could potentially double or triple if multiple traps are being set. Some companies offer free inspections or free quotes. Other pest control companies offer pricing depending on how many traps are set. Many companies can provide an estimate over the phone based on a client's description; however, that the price could change dramatically once someone views your property.

Do Your Homework

Remember, the livelihood of your yard and garden depends on safely and effectively removing these rodents. Find out which methods are utilized by your pest control company. Ask family, coworkers, friends and neighbors if they have ever dealt with a chipmunk infestation in the past and were they happy with the services provided.

Saving Your Yard and Your Sanity

In many cases, by the time chipmunks are discovered, severe damage is already occurred. These burrowing critters dig an extensive tunnel system through yards and gardens that are comprised of tiny holes. Understandably, any mammal feasting on your bulbs and burrowing through your lawn will not leave much to survive in its wake. Numerous DIY chipmunk removal methods are available; however, this is a huge personal commitment due to their sheer numbers. Consider how you will dispose of any dead chipmunks safely without further attracting other wildlife to your yard.

Clear Away Their Favourite Habitat

Keeping your lawn and perimeter tidy is a great way to deter these guys. They like rocky locations and numerous hiding locations. Walk your yard and mark out any holes you immediately notice. Visually determining where they are burrowing will help you determine possible attractions such as fire wood, brush piles, compost areas etc. Figuring out their perimeter will help you guard your own. Check around bird feeders for evidence as well.

Realistic Relocation

Are you truly committed to setting traps, checking them daily and relocating your catch miles away from your home every time? This is a time consuming and costly process. Are you willing to re-establish your lawn and garden without knowing 100% that the problem has been eradicated? These are just a few of the constant factors to take into consideration if you initially opt for a DIY solution.

No Such Thing as a Minor Chipmunk Problem...

Due to their breeding capacity and ability to destroy your flowers and plants in the process, this problem can escalate out of hand in no time. Be aware that no matter how sweet and cute these guys are, attracting them to your yard on purpose is a recipe for disaster. People often observe these critters in their trees and assume they reside there similar to squirrels. It is a common misunderstanding to assume that chipmunks are tree dwellers. It is simple to believe they are retreating to the tree line each night when in fact they are burrowing beneath your yard and potentially your home.

Trying to befriend these critters can cause even more damage down the road. Hire some professionals to assess your individual situation and give their expert opinion. It is possible to remove chipmunks from your property once and for all if you rely on the experience and knowledge of a reputable pest control service.

Find Local Chipmunk Control Companies Now!