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Identifying and Getting Rid of Chipmunk Burrows in Your Yard

Chipmunk Burrow Pictures

Renowned for how darn cute they are, chipmunks can wreak havoc on your landscaping. Gardeners are often devastated when their tulip beds are chewed away and their prized azaleas are violated beyond repair.

Common Aggravations

While many people claim that their well-fed chipmunks only burrow for shelter, others do not agree they are so cute. When your lawns and gardens become home to a variety of complicated tunnel systems the damage can quickly add up. Some termite experts credit chipmunk burrows under the front porch for enabling a delicate entry point. Suddenly, your yard problem has compounded into a potentially huge structural issue once the termites gain access to the exterior frame work surrounding the door.

Chipmunk Habits

Actually members of the squirrel family, chipmunks are notorious noise makers. They specialize in alerting rather shrilly whenever they feel threatened. They love eating all your birdseed and will compete with surrounding birds for food. Capable of having 2 litters a year, they can attain colony status in no time.

Identifying and Getting Rid of Chipmunk Burrows in Your Yard

Most people who have chipmunks see them poking their head out of their numerous burrows. Others watch them frolic in the surrounding forest and take refuge in the garden. If you are noticing tiny holes everywhere and many of your perennial bulbs dying, chances are, you have a family and potentially an infestation of chipmunks on your hands.

Evict 'Em!

People claim great to mediocre to zero success by spraying expanding foam down their holes. However, some people claim they simply burrow their way out and start over. Numerous people spray chemical pet repellents down their burrows in an attempt to poison them. Others rely on their garden hoses to temporarily disturb these critters. One wives tale says to sprinkle human hair clippings into their holes and people swear by it.

Homemade Chipmunk Repellent Recipe

  • 6 TBS water
  • 1TBS liquid dish soap
  • 1 TBS natural Barr castor oil

Use your blender to mix soap and oil together until a shaving cream consistency is reached. Add water and keep blending. Use 2 TBS of this mixture in your watering can with 2 gallons of water. Pour mix over chipmunk infested garden or yard locations. Be sure to apply after the ground is wet from rain or use a garden hose. Soak the area before and after applying to ensure that the ingredients permeate the soil.

Live Traps

There are numerous live trap companies that have a successful reputation (like haveahart) for a more humane way to deal with your chipmunks. Catch and release is great if you can travel far enough to let them go. Set traps in shady locations so that the chipmunks won't overheat by the time you discover them.

Get a Cat?

Perhaps it's time to enlist the help of a voracious hunter and adopt a kitty. Let nature take it's course and hope for the best? If that doesn't pan out as planned, call in a reputable pest control expert to take care of the situation and salvage your property.

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