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How to Stop a Restaurant Fly Infestation

Flies are a problem regardless of where they appear, but rarely can flies do more harm than inside a restaurant. Not only can flies upset and disgust customers, but they are also known to carry diseases associated with feces and garbage. When they are in contact with food, they can make customers sick, which can destroy a business. They are also notoriously hard to get rid of because of their ability to breed in small spaces.

Restaurant Fly Infestation

One of the first keys to stopping a fly infestation in a restaurant is to locate where flies are entering and where they are breeding. While it can be difficult to determine the source, look for areas around doors or windows which are not sealed properly, and promptly caulk or repair all noticeable cracks. Then, check all drains. While some flies do not breed in drains, others use the dark, wet space to lay eggs, which can allow them direct access to a kitchen or bathroom.

There are products on the market intended to flush flies out of drains, which have to be used properly to be most effective. Be sure to read all instructions, especially those related to food safety and how long the water has to be off, in order to avoid problems during hours when customers are present. This solution will only work if the drain or pipes are, in fact, the breeding ground for pests. Determining the source early, or having a professional do so, will save you time and money in the event that your drains are not the problem.

Before or during your drain cleaning, take the time to examine your restaurant for any potential problems or areas where flies may breed, and make sure everything is clean. Hard-to-reach and or clean spots, especially those under sinks, in corners, or behind stoves or other equipment, may be to blame. Secure all garbage and food, and conduct regular cleaning of areas where flies are seen to try to make them less desirable for breeding flies.

There are a number of traps on the market you can buy to keep the flies away from your customers, although they may only catch small numbers of flies and can be unsightly. Some may also have chemicals you do not want in your restaurant around food: Be sure to consult the packaging or your store's particular management handbook prior to purchasing these traps.

While regular preventative treatments, including drain cleanings and full-store scrub-downs, help with keeping flies out in the first place, they may not help if flies are entering through an unseen crack or crevice, or have eggs or larvae in an unusual place. In order to protect your investment and your reputation, one of the best things you can do is to hire an exterminating service. They will help you get the services you need without the extra cost and headache of trying to do it yourself, so you can focus on keeping your customers happy and preparing food in a safe, clean environment. If you think this option may be right for you, please consider getting a risk-free quote from a professional, local exterminator today.

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