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Best Ways To Get Rid of Fleas on a Kitten

Flea infestation is a common problem in pets. Young kittens are quite vulnerable to it. Not only are they unhealthy, but they can also be equally annoying. When their fine hairs get attacked by fleas, most pet owners tend to panic. This is because the bloodsucking insects can lead to itching and inflammation, hair loss, tapeworm infestation and in heavy infestation, anemia. If not treated in time, Anemia leads to death of the kitten. What's more, you cannot use the same methods on your kitten which you use on the older cats. This is because the kittens are very young, and still very fragile. However, if your kitten is infested by fleas, you don't need to worry because if treated in time, your kitten will soon be fine. Here is more information on removing fleas on kittens.

1.Washing the Kitten

Washing the kitten with soap can help kill the fleas. The soap kills the fleas by destroying the protective wax surrounding the lungs of a flea. This allows water to get in and drown the flea. Warm water is the most effective. Put a little amount of soap, lather it, and then gently rub it through the kitten's fur, including the nose, eyes and mouth. The best person to handle this is a professional, since he/she will be gentle enough and not get the soapy water in the sensitive areas of the kitten.

2. Combing

Combing through the kitten's fur with a fleas comb can also help remove the fleas. The combing can be done while the pet is still wet, concentrating around the base of his tail, ears and where his legs join his belly. The fleas from the cat are then dropped into very hot water to kill them. Combing the kitten several times and then flushing the fleas down the toilet will help remove the fleas. A hair drier cannot be used as it will damage the delicate skin parts.

3. Medications

When the kitten is under six weeks, the main problem is that they are still too young to undertake strong medication that is often used to treat fleas. However, kittens that are older than six weeks of age are generally strong enough to withstand medications for the destruction of fleas in their system. These products can be applied topically, while some can be fed to the pet. The effectiveness may vary depending upon several factors. But, if handled by a professional, the medications and spray can completely get rid of all of the fleas in the kitten in as fast as two hours only. The medications usually provide an adequate amount of control without being too harsh for the kittens.

4. Treating older kittens and the house

If you have a young kitten with fleas, that probably means that the mom, older brothers and sisters and other older cats have them too. If one kitten has fleas, all must be treated. Their bedding, blankets and other equipment should also be washed with hot soapy water. The area where they play must also be vacuumed thoroughly. Contact a pest control company to treat the house and the yard. The company will use sprays, flea-preventive powders and other medications specifically designed for the outdoors.

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