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How to Deal With a Flea Infestation

Has your pet dog or cat been infested with fleas? If that is the case, then the fleas have probably spread beyond the pet and might be found around the house and the compound. It is definitely annoying to have fleas all over your house especially if you have a baby or you are having visitors. You can clear the fleas by yourself or you can hire a professional to do it for you. One important thing you should know is that the house and your pet should be cleaned on the same day to avoid any infestations from recurring.

Do it Yourself Methods

Prepare yourself because this will not be an easy task. Remember, everything has to be done on the same day. Some of the methods you can use at home include:

1. Vacuum the house

Vaccum every corner of the house, the carpet, under the carpet, the furniture, under the furniture and anywhere else you think the fleas may be hiding or have laid their eggs.

2. Spray Insecticide

After vacuuming, you will be required to spray insecticide. Make sure you get the right insecticide since using the wrong product can be harmful and the cat vs dog flea infestations may recur.

3. Clean your pet

You will need to treat your pet and wash it thoroughly to ensure you remove all the fleas on it.

Why Hire a Professional?

Although it is cheaper to do the work yourself, it is recommended that you hire a professional to do the work for you. The reasons why you should hire professional include:

1. It's Cheaper

Yes, it is actually cheaper to hire a professional rather than do the whole job by yourself. This is because you may not completely eliminate the fleas and the remaining ones will continue laying eggs thus causing an infestation again. This means you will buy the required products all over again and this can be very costly. However, when you hire a professional, the work is done thoroughly once and nothing will need to be repeated.

2. It's Safer

Professionals will know the right products to use to eliminate the fleas since they are specialized in this field. Some of the products in the market are counterfeit and may not be safe to use. You most likely may not know which one is real and which one is not but the professionals can easily identify them. It is also good to know that some of these products could harm your health and your family's health if used in the wrong manner. However, the professionals will know how to use the products safely in your home so that no one is exposed to any risks.

3. It's Better Pet Treatment

Since your pet also needs to be treated, the professionals will know the best treatment to be used to completely eliminate the fleas and how to administer the treatment. In most cases, the treatment is administered over a period of time and can be very expensive.

4. It's Effective

It is a bit easier to eliminate fleas in the house than outside. Professional pest exterminators are able to identify areas of flea infestation in the compound and eliminate them thoroughly.

If you have flea infestation in your home, do not wait as the situation will only get worse. Hire a professional to do the job once and for all. Look for a pest control company and get a price quote for free.

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