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How to Get Rid of Hornets

Hornets are pests. They aggressively defend the area where they build a nest, which means they can sting people and pets alike. If a person in the home or a close family friend is allergic to a hornet sting, they can require costly medical attention or even suffer medical complications. Even in a non-allergic person, stings can swell and cause problems. The best thing to do if you have hornets or a nest on your property is to remove it for the sake of everyone involved, but it can be a dangerous and tricky task.

Hornet's Nest

Assess your individual situation to help you consider the best removal method for you. If you have large nests, swarms of hornets, or a situation where the bugs are entering your home, it might be best for you to consider a professional extermination service. If you only have the occasional hornet, or do not believe they are nesting on your property, a home or store-bought remedy would probably be best for your situation.

A common type of home remedy is a bucket trap. To set one, place a large bucket in your home or yard near where the hornets are located. Fill the bucket with sugar water, dish soap, and vinegar, and the hornets will drown when they come to take a drink. This solution will work for stray hornets, but should not be a solution to an infestation.

You may also see stores selling a natural remedy known as the Fatal Funnel. This is a small plastic funnel a person takes home and places through the sides of a plastic bottle filled with a sweet liquid, such as sugar water. The bees are unable to climb out of the bottle after they climb in, and they die in the bottom. Note this trap only works for small numbers of hornets, and will need to be cleaned out and changed regularly. There is also the risk of children or pets becoming interested in the bottle and either spilling it, or finding themselves in the path of hornets trying to use the bottle.

Many stores carry a form of over-the-counter chemical to spray on nests, such as Raid. These products are intended to kill the life in the nest so it can be safely removed. However, a homeowner treating the nest problem on his own may run into a variety of problems. Hornets become incredibly agitated when someone is near their nest, and become more likely to attack. This can spell disaster for a person with allergies, children, or pets. If you are planning to use this method, be sure to read all packaging directions and work only at night, and with a person who can call for medical attention if need be.

If you know you have a hornet problem, but it is too large for home remedies and you are not comfortable spraying for the pests on your own, consider hiring a professional to remove the nests safely and without risk to you or your family. A local exterminator can also talk you through the steps to prevent another infestation, keeping you safe for summers to come. If you would like a free quote from an exterminator in your area, please fill out the quote form today.

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