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How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

Just as the name suggests, carpenter bees are a species of bee known for burrowing into wood of all kinds, from dead stumps in the forest to the wooden beams of homes and playgrounds. Although male carpenter bees are unable to sting and females are generally docile, they can cause serious damage to wooden structures when left untreated, as they drill holes into wood to lay eggs. What starts out as one bee can quickly become hundreds.

Carpenter Bee Damage

Thankfully, there are a number of methods a homeowner can take to rid their property of carpenter bees. If you already know where the bees are, one method involves sealing the nesting site with caulking or wood glue. Unable to escape the nest, the bees will die. This method only works for a single nest or nests in one location, and should be used with caution in case the bees become angry.

There are very few methods for making a home trap when dealing with carpenter bees. For those who would prefer to try something natural, the best solutions are to spray citrus-scented sprays or almond oil around the areas where bees nest in order to repel them. This works largely as a preventative, and only works if you are sure where the bees have their nests.

Some swear by loud noises as a means of removing carpenter bees, while others claim it does not work. To give this method a try, place a loud stereo near the opening. Please note that this is only suggested as a natural way to attempt to get rid of the bee problem, and may not work.

Most pest removal experts agree that chemicals are the only solution when dealing with carpenter bees. These chemical sprays are meant to be placed on the home, both outside and in any existing burrows, in order to rid the building of existing bees and prevent new ones from making their homes. In order for the treatment to be fully effective, the homeowner must find and spray all areas, which can be costly and time consuming. It is also important to find them in other locations on your property to avoid damage to other wooden structures, including sheds, barns, play gyms, or any other untreated wood.

This method also requires the homeowner to refinish, replace, or caulk any previous carpenter bee damage. Only by spraying the wood, killing all bees, and then replacing or removing the wood can a home be fully rid of a carpenter bee infestation. The risk of doing it yourself is missing an area, such as under the eves of a roof, which may allow bees to settle back into the wood of your home. Over a number of years, the replacement and care can grow costly.

By hiring a professional exterminator, you are bringing in someone who has experience with bee removal, and whose job it is to find and remove all carpenter bees, saving you possible years of headaches. If you think a professional is right for your carpenter bee situation, consider a free quote from a local exterminator today.

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