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What Do Bedbug Bites Look Like?

For those of us who have had the fortune to not experience bedbugs in the past, it may be difficult to differentiate a bedbug bite from the bite of another pest such as a spider. So, what do bedbug bites look like? In this guide we've compiled exclusively for you, we're going to answer that question and point you in the right direction if you do happen to have a bedbug infestation. After all, bedbugs are truly a pain to deal with, and while there are some DIY solutions that might work, it's usually better to call in an experienced professional who has access to more equipment and expertise. Let's take a look first at the kinds of circumstances that might cause you to experience bedbug bites, the exact nature of them, and how you can solve the problem for good by bringing the professionals. Read on to learn more!

Bedbug Bites Back

How a Bedbug Infestation Starts

While the true origins of bedbugs will probably remain a mystery until the end of time, the primary mechanism by which they can infest your home or other property is by piggybacking on other individuals entering that environment. In other words, they're very good at using people and clothes in order to transport themselves from point A to point B - thus, they prefer properties where there are always lots of people coming and going, particularly hotels, apartment buildings, and other similar places. It doesn't matter how wealthy you are or how clean you keep a place (though general cleanliness does, of course, help) - bedbugs don't discriminate between individuals.

Bedbug Bites Shoulder

What Bedbug Bites Look Like

Bedbug bites can take on a number of different forms - that's what makes identification so difficult. They can be flat, raised, or rounded - it all depends on how your body reacts. Additionally, most people will typically experience some kind of inflammation and itchiness directly in and around the affected area. The best way to determine if you have a bedbug bite is to meet with your healthcare provider and get their professional opinion.

Bedbug Bites Leg

How to Treat Bedbug Bites

Treating bedbug bites is an important step, but it's certainly not the only one you should take - after all, the goal is exterminate the pests, not simply apply some antibiotic cream every time you are bitten. Nevertheless, it's important to know how to treat them while you await professional extermination. Your best bet is to apply first aid as well as anti-itch creams to negate the effects of the inflammation and irritation. If the symptoms continue for a long period of time, it would be a wise decision to see a doctor or other healthcare provider.

Solve the Problem for Good: Hire a Professional Bedbug Exterminator Today!

Now that you know the signs and symptoms of bedbug bites, it's time to take action today if you know for a fact you're dealing with a bedbug problem. But, before you rush out and try to solve it yourself, take some time to investigate the professional bedbug exterminator options available to you. It's the best way to solve the problem for good!

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