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How To Get Rid of Weevils - About Weevil Extermination

Finding pantry moths in flour, moths in food, or insects near food containers? There is a serious yuck factor to noticing there are bugs in pantry food. Weevils are a classification of beetles and moths known to many as pantry bugs. A weevil infestation is often easily overlooked at first simply because the insects are quite small, especially during the egg and larval stages. The resulting contaminants left in your food consist of live insects, cocoons, webbing, feces, caste skins, dead carcasses, and in some cases bacterial decay.

Unfortunately, the first indication of a pantry pest problem is usually the appearance of pantry insects like small moths and/or flying beetles in or near sources of food (i.e. weevils in flour). The most common types of weevil infestation include indian meal moths, the flour beetle, the grain weevil, rice weevil, flour moths, and spider beetles. Pantry weevils are a source of costly food contamination. A weevil problem is typically introduced into homes already in packaged food products. However a weevils infestation can also come from adjoining apartments or other outside sources as well.

Get Rid of Pantry Moths

No matter which way you slice it, eliminating bugs in food cabinets means tossing out food, some serious do it yourself cleaning, and reorganizing food into sealed containers. Pantry pests feed on almost any stored food products including grains (rice, barley, corn, wheat, bird seed), grain products (oatmeal, cornmeal, pasta, cereals, flour, cake mixes, pancake flour, granola, dry pet food), etc. All contaminated food with bugs and also any food nearby should be thrown out.

Many attempt and fail to get rid of pantry moths with "promising" pantry moth traps. Getting rid of pantry bugs and pantry moths control requires professional pest control service because there is more to it than setting a few traps. A more powerful insecticide may be necessary to eradicate hard to reach eggs or larvae. If applicable, points of entry must be sealed. When it comes to the use of harsh chemicals to get rid of pantry bugs, especially near food sources and high traffic living areas like kitchens, exercise caution. Thorough professional pantry beetles and pantry moth control ensures your family's safety and provides the best protection against a second costly outbreak.

Weevil Control - Pantry Moth Control

This will vary by type and magnitude of your weevil problem. Professional vendors typically determine the best plan for successful extermination and service costs according to some of the following basic variables:

  • Location of the affected property
  • Foundation type and composition (i.e. siding, brick, etc.) of the affected structure
  • The number of required treatments.
  • The average one time visit can range from $125-$250 and should come with a guarantee of some sort.

Regardless of the size of your weevil pest problem, you can save the time, frustration, and other serious problems that can arise from taking matters into your own hands.

Pest control technicians are educated and trained to quickly identify the type of weevil problem you have and the best way to effectively eliminate the infestation.

Pest control services often offer guarantees on pest elimination and customer satisfaction. Meaning, if the weevil should return, so will your professional service provider.

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